The Sporting News' truth about academics

Matt Hayes at The Sporting News
Player to watch this fall: Ohio State LB Larry Grant. A junior college star at City College of San Francisco, Grant originally committed to Florida last fall but didn't meet SEC academic requirements. He signed with Ohio State and likely will start spring practice at middle linebacker.

Should I be worried that I'm investing in all this time and energy into a PhD from a university whose admission standards are so low they'll accept someone who couldn't academically qualify to play football in the SEC?!?!


Chris said...

Well, anyone can get into Ohio State (literally). Undergrad is renowned for their lack of academic standards...

Anonymous said...

I'm also getting my Ph.D. from a Big 10 school. I had several students who were smarter than my southern brethren, but the vast majority were not capable of formulating original thought and just could bear to be away from mumsy and dadsy.
So having experience both the south and the Big 10, I can tell you my personal experience is that the South is smarter. Of course, that is anecdotal, as are stories in which the Big 10 claims to be superior.